CED Mental Health: Serving North Central Alabama since 1974.

With over 30,000 consumers assisted, CED brings respect, dignity, and healing to those with mental health issues.

For 24 Hour Assistance, Please Call 256.492.7800

CED Mental Health – Here for YOU

The mission of CED Mental Health Center is to provide publicly and privately funded mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention services with dignity and respect.

The vision of CED Mental Health Center is to promote awareness of the diseases of mental illness and substance abuse, to maintain highly trained and motivated staff who will enable consumers to reach and sustain a productive lifestyle within the community, and to be recognized as the premier mental health center in the region.

Currently CED Mental Health Center provides the following services in all three above listed counties of our catchment area: 24-Hour Emergency Services, General Adult and Child/Adolescent Outpatient Services, Adult and Child/Adolescent Case Management Services, Intensive Services, Residential Services, Nurse Delegation Services, Substance Abuse and Prevention and Consultation and Education Programs.